Angira Devi Bhuyan

Assistant Professor
  • Teaching


  • Master of Science, Biotechnology, Mount Carmel College, Biotechnology


  • Assistant Professor, PES University, 2012 - current


  • 9 years of experience in Biotechnology courses such as Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Food Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology- both theory and laboratory.

  • Teaching experience in both undergraduate and post graduate programs.


  • Assistant Professor in Department of Biotechnology, PES University

  • Various responsibilities in addition to teaching, such as, laboratory in-charge, time table coordinator, back-up coordinator for PG diploma program BiSEP, active participation in several University programs and functions.

Research Interest

  • Research interest in areas of Microbiology and Environmental Biotechnology.

Research Projects

  • Ongoing undergraduate student projects.

Research Guidance

  • Guidance in undergraduate student projects.


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  • "Biosurfactant production by oil degrading bacteria", RVCE, Bangalore, 2018.

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  • "Degradation of Lubricant Oil Residues: The Role of Rhizosphere Microflora", 2018, International Journal of Recent Research and Review, 11(1), 39-46.

  • "Rhizosphere microbes as remedial agents for waste lubricant oil", 2014, International Review of Applied Biotechnology and Biochemistry, 2(1), 19-26.

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