Electrical & Electronics
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Dr. Prasanna Kumar C

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D, Visvesveraya Technological University (VTU), Belugaum 2020
  • ME, UVCE 2006

Additional Information

  • He received his PhD from Visvesveraya Technological University (VTU), Belugaum, Thesis titled: "Performance and Analysis of Interleaved Boost DC- DC converter for Photo Voltaic Applications"
  • For PG Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Power Generation System
  • Electronic measuring instruments
  • Linear integrated circuits
  • Electric circuit theory and Synthesis
  • Analog Electronic Circuit
  • Power Electronics
  • Advance Power electronics
  • Design of Power Conversion System
  • Control Systems
  • High Voltage engineering
  • IQAC_dept_ coordinator AEC and PE lab incharge
  • Project guide for UG students
  • Faculty advisor
  • Analog and Power Electronics lab incharge Class teacher for 3rd and 4th SEM
  • Project guide for PG students
  • Faculty advisor
  • Antiragging committe member
  • Test coordinator
  • ESA _department coordinator

Research Interest

  • Interleaved DC-DC converter


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