Dr. Sasmita Sabat

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Growth-oriented researcher and a teacher leveraging increasing responsibilities and accountability to contribute to the fulfilment of educational and research institutions that foster the advancement of science for the betterment of environment and society. Having diversified background in Science, Biotechnology and Microbiology with management experience. 27 years of in-depth advanced research, consulting, teaching expertise and diverse work experiences. CORE COMPETENCIES - Creative problem solving - Cross-functional teams orientation - Motivator and guide with analytical and research depth to align scientific efficiencies with organization goals - Program development - Product development and Management - Continuous improvement - Strategic partnership relations - Team building and training


  • Ph D Microbiology, NAGPUR UNIVERSITY, 1998

  • M Sc Microbiology, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla university, 1993

  • B Sc, Govt Aravind College, M P, 1991

  • P G Diploma In Bioinformatics, Indgen Life Technologies, 2008


  • Research Associate, IIT Delhi, March 1996 - Aug 1996

  • Visiting Professor, Department of Biotechnology, PES College, Bangalore, Jan 2009 - July 2009

  • Assistant Professor-Department of Biotechnology, PESIT, Bangalore, Aug 2009 - Continuing

  • Assistant Professor- Department of Biotechnology, PES University, 2016 - Continuing

  • Visiting Professor- Biotechnology & Microbiology, City College,Bangalore, 2007 - 2009

  • Head of the Department-Biotechnology & Biochemistry, SRN Adarsh College, Bangalore, 2005 - 2006

  • Head of the Department- Microbiology, St. George Institute, Bangalore, 2004 - 2005

  • Head of the Department-Microbiology & Botany, Garden City College of Science & Management Studies, Bangalore, 2000 - 2004

  • Lab Incharge-Pathology, Apollo -NMDC Hospital, 1999 - 2000

  • Contributory Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, Nagpur University, 1994 - 1997

Additional Information

  • Awarded professional certifications (Diplomas) Computer Programming (Grade A), 1/98-12/98

  • Commercial Art: Painting, Sketching, Advertising, cartooning, 5/90-4/92

  • Interior Decoration, Home Management, 11/93-8/94

  • Collaborative Projects under Academic-Industry venture

  • Commercial Product based technology development-Filed for patent



  • Distinguished Researcher Award of the Year in Microbiology by, World Research Peace Award 2019 powered by RULA Awards, 2019

  • Advisory Board member for SciCon Series CTBio 2018, 3rd International Conference on "In Sync- With Next Generation Biosciences (INGB)", Goa, India, 6-8, November 2019.


  • DISTINGUISHED FACULTY IN SCIENCE Award by Venus International Foundation for Faculty, 2018.

  • DISTINGUISHED WOMEN IN SCIENCE Award by Centre for Women Empowerment, Venus International Foundation, 2017.

  • MICROBIOLOGIST 2016 Award by Society for Educational and Scientific Research, 2016.

  • Established and grew 3 new full-fledged departments of Biotechnology and Microbiology at various accredited colleges.

  • Editorial Board member for National and International Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Reviewer of International High impact factor Journals

  • Best Outcome-based Project Award, 2016, Best presentation award, 2016, 2017 at International Conference Forum.


  • Post Graduates: General Microbiology, Microbial Physiology, Industrial Microbiology, Fermentation Technology, Bioprocess Engineering, Medical Microbiology, Molecular Biology

  • Undergraduates: Downstream Process Technology, Upstream Process Technology, Bionalytical Instrumentations, Immunology, Clinical Research & Data Management, Environment Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Health Diagnostics

  • Research Scholars: Medical Microbiology, Genetic Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology


  • A Responsible Teacher and a Dedicated Guide for the students

  • Head of the Department for Academic Institutions

  • Research Head in Industrial Product Development Process

  • Microbiology Consultant to Food Industry

  • Hospital Lab In charge- 350 bedded

  • Principal Investigator for Funded Projects

  • Established full-fledged lab for growing and aspiring students

  • Developed opportunities for research by Industry Collaborations

Research Interest

  • AREA OF SPECIALIZATION - Microbiology: Medical Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Food Microbiology - Biotechnology: Microbial Biotechnology, Fermentation Technology, Industrial Biotechnology - Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Strain improvement techniques, Cancer Cell analysis - Biosensor development - Environmental Biotechnology: Waste water treatment, Solid Waste Management, Green

Research Projects

  • Construction and development of standard organism for quantification of arsenic in the water sample, funded by AICTE (RPS Scheme)., for an grant amount of 12 Lakhs, 2013-2016, (Ref No.: 20/AICTE/RIFD/RPS (POLICY-1)23/2013-14.

  • Identification & antimicrobial activity of endophytic bacteria isolated from C. cyminum, 2021, funded by KSCST, IISc, Bangalore.

  • Purification of novel proteins isolated from Moringa leaves and its study on ovarian cancer cell lines, 2018, KSCST, IISc, Bangalore

Research Guidance

  • Post Graduate: M Sc., M Tech

  • Under Graduate: B E., B Tech., B Sc

  • Ph D


  • Sabat, S., and Khandwekar, P.V. (1995). Production of Poly Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate, National Symposium on Relevance of Biotechnology in Industry, Cochin, March 15

  • Sabat, S., and Khandwekar, P.V. (1995). Studies on production of Poly Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate using different Carbon sources of Haloferax mediterranei, 36th Annual Conference of AMI, Hissar, November 8-10

  • Sabat, S., Deshpande. M.K. and Khandwekar, P.V. (1997). Microbial production of Poly Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate comparative studies under submerged and solid state fermentation, International Conference on Frontiers of Biotechnology, Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrum, November 26-29.

  • Sabat, S., Deshpande, M.K., and Khandwekar, P.V. (1997). Some Date Palm contain Furfural on steam distillation effervesce in the liquid media, International Conference on Frontiers of Biotechnology, Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrum, November 26-29.

  • Sabat, S., Deshpande, M.K., and Khandwekar, P.V. (1997). Microbial production of Poly Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate, 38th Annual Conference of AMI, Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi, December, 12-14.

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  • Sasmita Sabat, Jhinuk Chatterjee, Sneha Oswal, Zainab Shakirz and Krithika Bhat, (2011), Induced mutation for the enhcanced production of Cephalosporin C by A. chrysogenum 1319, National Conference, BIOCHESS 2011, SIT Tumkur, May 2.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Shantha S L & Sunil Kumar C, (2011), Isolation,cloning and expression of gene from Ralstonia metallidurans CH34 for the estimation of lead in the contaminated sample, 4thInternational Congress of Environmental Research, Surat, December 15-17.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Shreya Patawari. Pavithra B S, Neha R Kuppi & Nikitha C, Degradation of plastics using A. niger and the effect of nanoparticles synthesized by green technology on degradation process, National Symposium on Innovations in biological research for health, disease and environment, 85th SBC (I) Annual Meeting at CSIR-CFTRI, (2016), Mysore, 21-24th November.

  • Shreya Patawari, Sanjna Mani, Pooja S Joshi & Sasmita Sabat, (2016), Application of nanoparticles as an enhancer in the degradation process of plastics using A. niger and effect of biopolymers,International conference on green technology for health and environment: implementations and policies, (SESR), Bangalore, Dec 15-16, 2016.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Sneha Oswal, Zainab Shakir Hussain, Kruthika Bhat, Gopika Nair, Megha Ganesh & Niranjana, (2017), Induced mutation enhanced biosynthesis of cephalosporin C using Acremonium chrysogenum 1391, FEMS 2017, 7th Congress European Microbiologist, Valencia, Spain, July 9-13, 2017.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Shreya Patawari, Vinolia & Diya K, (2017), Role of nanoparticles as an enhancer for the plastic degradation process by A. niger, International conference on emerging trends in waste treatment and conversion, 8-10 October, 2017, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Manali, Richa Mridul, Jyotsna M S & Kannan K, (2017), Detection of Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli from egg and milk products by rapid detection method & its biocontrol, 58th AMI Conference, 16-19 November, 2017, Babasaheb Bhimarao Ambedkar University, Lucknow.

  • Swati Reji & Sasmita Sabat (2018), Enhancement of Lipase activity from Bacillus MTCC 4659 by strain improvement, 2nd International Conference on Research Interventions and Advancements in Lifescience (SciCon RIAL-2018), August 1-3, Pune,India.

  • No of publications & Presentations at National & International Conferences: Above 30 Sasmita Sabat, Pavithra R, Keerthana Kannan and Keerthy B N (2019), EVALUATION OF BIOPESTICIDE EXTRACTED FROM TAGETES ERECTA & TAGETES PATULA ON COMMON CROP PESTS, 3rd International Conference of SciCon series on "In Sync- With Next Generation Biosciences (INGB)", Goa, India, 6-8, November 2019


  • Veena G Sonole , Dinesh M.S, Sasmita Sabat, Radha.D.Kale, Siddaramanna, Nutrition Profile of Vermimeal as Organic Supplement for Poultry, (2016), International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 5, Issue 9, 18838-45.

  • Sabat, S., Deshpande, M.K., Khandwekar, P.V. (1998). Microbial production of Poly Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate-a biopolymer, Journal of Science and Industrial Reasearch, 57, 654-657.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Kavitha R V, Mitali Das, and V Krishna Murthy, , (2012), Potential study of A. niger for removal of chromium (vi) from industrial wastewater based on the physico-chemical properties of metal solution "International Journal of Environmental Pollution Control & Management (IJEPCM), 4(1),29-37.

  • Sasmita Sabat, V. Krishna Murthy, Pavithra M, Pala Mayur, and Anitha Chandavar, (2012), Production and characterization of B. steareothermophilus MTCC 37 under various fermentations conditions. International Journal of Environmental, Research and Applied Sciences (IJERA), 2(3), 1775-1781

  • Sasmita Sabat, RV Kavitha, Shantha S L, Gopika Nair, Megha Ganesh, Niranjan Chandroth and V. Krishna Murthy, (2012), Biosorption: An Eco-Friendly Techniques for the Removal of Heavy Metals, Indian Journal of Applied Research, 2(3), 1-8.

  • Sasmita Sabat. Shantha S L and V. Krishna Murthy,(2013), Study of microbial cytokinin production under various enriched conditions and its effect on plant growth, International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, 2(1),12-15.

  • Sasmita Sabat. Shantha S L and V. Krishna Murthy,(2014), Comparative study of cytokinin production isolated from bacteria for shoot induction, Indian Journal of Biotechnology, 13, 544-546.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Chaitra L N and Ranjitha R, (2016), Evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of wine from various sources, International of Current Microbiology & Applied Sciences, 5(3), 26-35, ISSN: 2319-7706.

  • Sasmita Sabat, Roshan V Makam, R V Kavitha, Raghavendra Shetty, Rakesh M L, Roshan K & Satyapramod S, (2016), Bioleaching of Pyrite Ores Using Facultative Anaerobes, International Journal of Scientific Research, 5 (3), 717-721.

  • No of Publications in National & International Journals: Above 25 Selected highlights: Shreya Patawari & Sasmita Sabat, (2017), Application of nanoparticles as an enhancer in the degradation process of plastics using A. niger, Scire Science Multidisciplinary Journal 1(1), 2017, Open access online Journal, DOI:


  • Published more that 12 scientific articles in magazines

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