Electronics & Communications
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Vanamala H R

Associate Professor

B.E (Electronics and Communication) M.E.( Digital Communication) (Ph.D) Bio-Medical Signal Processing Doing PhD under VTU. Guide: Dr. Vijaya Krishna A


  • M.E(Digital Communication), BMSCE 2000
  • (PhD), VTU


  • Associate Professor, PES University, 2007-Till date

Additional Information

  • Experience : 26 Years of teaching experience
  • Expertise field : Embedded Systems, Signal and Image processing, Machine Learning
  • B.Tech.: Signals and Systems ; Applied Electronics and Microprocessors; Computer Communication Networks; Microprocessors; Computer Organization; Microcontrollers - 8051, PIC, Motorola, ARM, MSP; Basic Electronics ; Mobile Communication; Digital Switching Systems; Optical Communication; Communication Engineering; Programming in C++; Information Theory and Coding; Microwave Engineering; Pattern Recognition and Classification;Real time Systems;RTOS;Artificial Neural Networks;Logic Design. Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing Machine Learning Digital Image Processing
  • M.Tech.: Advanced Computer Communication Networks; Advanced Embedded Systems; RTOS; RTS; Advanced Microcontrollers, Artificial Neural Networks, Advanced Computer Architecture Advanced Embedded Systems
  • 1. Class Incharge for UG and PG classes, Anchor for ITC, LD,Basic Electronics, Lab In-charge for various labs like Basic Electronics, Logic Design, Communication Engineering, Microcontrollers Etc., Alumni Co-ordinator, Process Co-Ordinator, Department NBA Co-ordinator, NAAC Co-Ordinator, TEQIP Co-Ordinator, Faculty Advisor, VTU Squad Member, Member BoS,Disciplinary committee member
  • Attended various workshops/FDPs on RTOS, Embedded systems, Bio- medical signal and Image processing and Pattern Recognition, Research Methodologies.
  • Conducted various workshops/FDPs for students and faculty on RTOS, Embedded systems, Bio- medical signal and Image processing and Pattern Recognition, Yoga, Mudras ,Faculty Enrichment Programs, Health Camps.
  • IQAC Co-Ordinator Time Table Officer Anchor for various Core, Lab and Elective courses Digital Co-Ordinator Domain Syllabus committee member Faculty Advisor

Research Interest

  • 1. Doing PhD under VTU in Bio-Medical Image Processing under the guidance of Dr. Vijaya Krishna A.

Research Projects (Current)

  • 2. Working on biomedical Signal Processing - EEG , FMRI and PET data
  • 3. Has undergone two months training at NIMHANS. Worked on Brain EEG, fMRI and PET data analysis (Alzheimer's and Epilepsy)
  • 4. Continuing to work in association with NIMHANS.


  • Thermal Image Processing and Analysis for Surveillance UAVs;ICTCS 2020 - Jaipur ( Springer LNNS series ) 11-12 December 2020
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition of Bikers with No Helmets;2020 IEEE 17th India Council International Conference (INDICON), 11- 13 December 2020 at NSUT, Delhi.
  • Visually Meaningful Encrypted Images using Arnold Transform and Other Transforms; 2018 International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies (GUCON)
  • Texture Analysis of Brain Mr Images;2018 Second International Conference on Advances in Electronics, Computers and Communications (ICAECC)
  • Genetic Algorithm and Chaotic Maps based Visually Meaningful Image Encryption;TENCON 2019-2019 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON)
  • Detection of Melanoma using Deep Learning Techniques;2020 International Conference on Computation, Automation and Knowledge Management (ICCAKM)
  • Design of Improved Canny Edge detection Algorithm
  • Implementation of low frrequency transceiver on FPGA
  • Removal of PLI and high frequency artifacts from ECG signal using Reconfigurable FFT/IFT filters
  • Robotic Arm through Human Hand Gestures Using Zigbee Technology
  • FPGA implementation of Fault Response Mechanism for RPRHybrid Network
  • VCASAN, International Conference->Cache based fault detection and recovery scheme for Quadcore MPSOCs


  • VCASAN - 2013->Task Migration for 3x3 tile based NOC architecture


  • Cache based fault detection and recovery scheme for MPSOCs ->Wireless Communication and Signal processing