Dr. Sridhar K S

Registrar, Professor
  • Teaching


  • Ph.D, Bangalore University, 2009

  • M.E, Bangalore University, 1991

  • B.E, Bangalore University, 1986


  • Registrar & Professor, P E S University, Bangalore, 2020 - Till date

  • Professor & Chairperson, P E S University, Bangalore, 2017 - 2020

  • Professor & Principal, PESIT, Bangalore, 2014 - 2017


  • Mechanical Vibration

  • Control Engineering

  • Design of Machine Elements

  • Machine Drawing

  • Engineering Dynamics

  • Kinematics of Machine


  • Registrar

  • Placement Head

  • Was a member BOE in U.G. in Mechanical Engineering, Bangalore University, for two terms

  • Was the chief coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Development cell, at PESIT [Funded by AICTE, new Delhi]

  • Was a member of the selection committee of Faculty members at PESIT

  • Co-ordinated with M/s General Motors Techical centre, India [G.M.T.C.I] for setting up PACE [Parterner for Advancement of Curriculum in Engineering Education Centre ] at PESIT, the first such centre in the country

  • Convener ISTE Faculty Convention helf at PESIT during November 2011

  • Member, Enterprise Development technology and Innovation Committee, FKCCI, Bangalore PACE, GM Motors

Research Interest

  • Composite Materials

  • Casting and Simulation


  • Friction and Wear Behaviour of Impact Extrusions of Al6061-SiC Composites, STLE International Conference, Atlanta, USA

  • Comparing Thermodynamic and Surface Energy models to evaluate and reassess Copper-Nickel bulk and Nano Phase Diagrams, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 577 (1), 012125

  • Slurry erosive wear behavior of hot extruded Al6061-Si3N4 composite, Materials Science Forum 773, 454-460


  • Experimental Research on Influence of Hardware Infrastructure Sizing on Optimization of PLM System Performance in Auto Industry, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), ISSN: 2278-0181, Vol. 2 Issue 3, March - 2013

  • Role of Tuning Parameters in Performance Optimization of PLM systems in Auto Industry, International Journal of Computer Science Engineering (IJCSE), ISSN : 2319-7323, Vol. 2 No.04 July 2013.

  • Development and Evaluation of Electrical Property of Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems, 25-30

  • Influence of Development Architecture on Performance Optimization of PLM Systems in Auto Industry, International Journal of Research and Management

  • Effect of Corner Radii on the Thermal & Fluid Flow Performance of the Laminar Flow through Rectangular Micro Channel, International Journal of Thermal Technologies, E-ISSN 2277 - 4114

  • Comparative study for improving the thermal and fluid flow performance of micro channel fin geometries using numerical simulation, American Journal of Engineering Research 4 (7), 73-82

  • Merging of Solidus and Liquidus Curves in Copper-Nickel Nanophase Diagram due to Segregation, Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series D 100 (2), 243-253

  • Experimental investigation of microchannel heat sink with modified hexagonal fins, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics 12 (3), 647-655

  • Experimental & numerical study of forced convection laminar flow through copper micro channel heat sink,International journal of Research in Engineering and Technology 3 (12), 103-111

  • HVOF sprayed Inconel 718/cubic boron nitride composite coatings: microstructure, microhardness and slurry erosive behaviour, Materials Research Express 6 (12), 1265i8

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