Dr. Deepa Nair

  • Teaching


  • PhD, VTU, 2016

  • M.Sc, CUSAT, Kochi Kerala, 1997


  • Associate Professor, PES University, Bangalore, 2013 - Till Date

  • Assistant Professor, KNSIT, Bangalore, 2004 - 2013

  • Assistant Professor, Garden City College, Bangalore, 2002 - 2004

  • Assistant Professor, Ettumanoorappan College, Kerala, 1999 - 2002


  • Experience in handling classes for Operations Research, Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Statistics, Engineering Mathematics etc.


  • Chairperson , Science & Humanities Department, EC Campus.

  • Handled various administrative responsibilities.

Research Interest

  • Fluid Dynamics

Research Guidance

  • Currently Guiding one student under PES University


  • Electrothermalconvection in a rotating dielectric fluid layer: Effect of non uniform temperature gradients (Published in World Journal of Engineering Supplement 3 (2012) and presented in the International Conference ICCE -20 held in Beijing China, July 2012).

  • Effects of nonuniform basic temperature gradients on electrohydrodynamic instability in a dielectric fluid layer (Presented in the International Conference ISTAM 2012, Pune)

  • Effect of DC Electric field on thermal convective instability in an Oldroyd B fluid saturated porous media under DC electric field (Presented in the National Conference NCMTA 2013 held in SRM University, Chennai and published in Indian journal of Science and Technology, Vol:6, Issue 2S3, P184-189)

  • Effects of nonuniform temperature gradient on Electrohydrodynamic instability of a rotating layer of viscoelastic (Walter's B) fluid saturated porous medium heated from below published in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol10, issue 48,P32741-32746.

  • Effect of AC electric field on thermal convective instability in a dielectric fluid saturated porous medium published in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research,Vol5, issue 9, P29-34.

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