Ravi Urs D

Associate Professor
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Has an industry experience of 14 years. Has worked in organizations such as HTM (R&D), AMP (later acquired by Tyco Corporation) and Indiacom Directories. He has been an entrepreneur and co-founder of Knowledgework Consulting, a startup into content management and e-mail based newsletter service. He also co-founded, a portal to help people to share printed copies of their photos with their dear ones. was acquired by Hewlett Packard. He has been in the academics from the last 10.5 years as a faculty with PES Institutions.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (E&C), National Institute of Engineering, University of Mysore, 1990

  • PGDM, Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development, Pune, 2000


  • Strategic Management

  • Strategic Brand Management

  • Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Retail Management

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media

  • Supply Chain Management


  • Placement Coordinator

Research Interest

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership

  • Startups


  • National Conference on "Managing Generation-Y Employees: Challenges and Opportunities" on 15 September, 2011 at PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore

  • Workshop on "Constructs in questionnaire development and Psycho-informatics" between 3rd and 5th January, 2011 by Dr. D. Dutta Roy at ASB, Ettimadai

  • Seminar on "Research opportunities in Deakin University" on 1st June 2011 by Nova Subramaniam at ASB, Ettimadai

  • Seminar on "Modeling" on June 2, 2011 by Dr. G.K. Kalyanaram at ASB, Ettimadai

  • Seminar on "Quantitative, Behavioral, and Strategic Approaches in Marketing Research" on Thursday, May 26, 2011 by Prof.

  • Ajay and Prof. Lalita Manrai at ASB, Ettimadai

  • Seminar on "Business Management Seminar" on 17th March 2011 by Prof. Kalyanaram, Prof. David Ford and Prof. Paul Davis at ASB, Ettimadai


  • Relationship between Locus of Control and Transaction styles: An empirical study of management students

  • Talent Management in Organizations: A Review

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