Dr. Jyothi R

Associate Professor
  • Teaching


Experienced professional with talent in preparing teaching and learning materials to optimise learner progression, achievement and attendance. Highly organised and motivational teacher to provide individualised instruction to keep all students at expected skill level. Structured academic professional illustrating strong history of positive student learning outcomes fostered through creative curriculum delivery. Skilled in sparking thought-provoking discussions to increase student participation and increase information retention. Seeking role which will leverage 19 years of teaching experience and strong sense of academic integrity. Dedicated Lecturer with strength in teaching subjects of Computer Science and Engineering, providing both practical and theoretical knowledge. Develops teaching and learning materials to support learner progression and achievement.


  • B.E in Computer Science and Engineering, SSIT, 2003

  • MTech in Computer Science and Engineering, BIET, 2006

  • Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering, VTU


  • Associate Professor, PES University, Aug-2006 - Till Date

Additional Information

  • DOJ : Aug 7th 2006 Experience : 19 years

  • Accomplished Associate Professor equipped in lecturing and student mentoring. Focused on graduating well-qualified students ready for challenges of future careers. Background includes developing new courses and curricula for contemporary class requirements. Analytical educator experienced in university environments. Knowledgeable about rigours of balancing research with classroom and administrative responsibilities. Expert in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics and most of computer science and engineering courses, dedicated to expanding collective knowledge base through new fresh, interesting studies.


  • Advanced Computer Architecture

  • R-Programming

  • Data Analytics

  • Linear Algebra

  • Programming with Python

  • Discrete Mathematical Structures

  • Object Oriented and Design and Modeling

  • Database Management Systems

  • Programming using C

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms

  • Digital Design and Computer Organization

  • Software Engineering

  • Operating Systems

  • Java Programming Languages


  • PESU Academy Coordinator

  • Class In-charges

  • Anchor for various Theory & Laboratory courses

  • Conducting research activities, planning all aspects, including data collection plans, scope of work and goals in guiding Internship students at the Center for Data Sciences and Applied Machine Learning (CDSAML)..

  • Faculty Advisor

  • Carried out research-led project guidance for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Helped course anchors and professors design and develop curriculums and courses.

Research Interest

  • MAchine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data Science

  • Data Analytics

Research Projects

  • Deep Learning models for Crop Disease Auto-Localization And Classification.

  • Multi-Objective Optimization using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Crypto Currency Price prediction

  • Fully Automatic Algo Trading Bot

  • Music Recommender System Using Genre Prediction and Search Engine

  • Application of Machine learning to aid weather prediction and preparedness


  • Planetary Scientific. Research Centre, Jan. 2012 Dubai, UAE. International Conferences. International Conference paper published in Dubai.

  • The 11th International Conference on Embedded Systems and Applications ID #: ESA3300 July 22-25, 2013, Las Vegas, USA. International Conference paper presented in USA


  • "Multi-Objective Optimization for the performance of predictive algorithms on the given data set and predictive data analytics", GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL GS, ISSN NO: 1869-9391, DOI 20.18001.GSJ.

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