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Dr. C D Satish


Dr C D Satish currently working as Professor of Chemistry in Department of Science and Humanities. He obtained M.Sc., (Chemistry) and Ph.D., (Chemistry) from Gulbarga University. He obtained Diploma in Journalism from Mysore University. He obtained M.A., (History) from Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) and currently peruse Ph.D., (History) with title "King Shalivahana". His research Interests are Synthesis of Coordination Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Drug Design, Crystallography, Chemistry of Natural produces and evaluating the efficacy of compounds for various biological activities. He has wide experience on manipulation of air-sensitive and moisture sensitive materials. He has an experience on use of IR, NMR, EPR, UV-VIS, Electrochemical and Thermal methods and structural analysis of compounds using Spectroscopic techniques. He has excellent experience on Develop Drug Design Research Laboratory. He successfully completed UGC-CSIR examination for Research Fellowship and awarded SRF from CSIR. He successfully completed two research projects (CSIR and Rallis India Ltd).


  • M.Sc., (Chemistry), Gulbarga University 1992
  • Diploma in Journalism, Mysore University 1990
  • Ph.D., (Chemistry), Gulbarga University 2000
  • M.A., (History), Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) Mysore 2016


  • Professor, PES University, 2013 -Till Date
  • Professor, PES Institute of Technology, 2011 -2013
  • Associate Professor, PES Institute of Technology, 2009 -2011
  • Assistant Professor, PES Institute of Technology, 2005 -2009
  • Assistant Professor, East West Institute of Technology, 2004 -2005
  • Guest Lecturer, VV Puram Science College PG Dept., 2001 -2004
  • Guest Faculty, Bhuvaneshwari Study Centre PG Class (Kuvempu University), 2001 -2005
  • Lecturer, NMKRV PG College for Women, 1999 -2004
  • Guest Lecturer, Dept. of Chemistry, Gulbarga University, 1995 -1999
  • Lecturer, SRV PU College, Tiptur, 1992 -1995

Additional Information

  • Perusing Ph.D., in History at Karnataka State Open University, Muktagangotri, Mysore Title of the Thesis "King Shalivahana"
  • Perusing Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Law (PGDEL) in National Law School of India University, Bangalore


  • Best Paper Presentation Award from Indian Council of Chemists, 1997
  • Best Paper Presentation Award from Modern Trends in Inorganic Chemistry, 1998
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • IQAC Coordinator
  • Convener, Antiragging Committee
  • Chairperson, Vigilance Squad
  • Coordinator, First Year Students Scholarships
  • Core Committee Member for Bootstrap
  • Member of Flood Relief Team for North Karnataka
  • Member Kannada Book Drafting Committee for Engineering Students, VTU
  • Associate Dean (Evaluation) PESIT

Research Interest

  • Coordination Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Drug Design

Research Guidance

  • Two students working for Ph.D., One student Thesis is under Preparation


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