Science & Humanities

Dr. Sunitha V R

Assistant Professor


  • MSc, Christ college, Bangalore 1999
  • MPhil, Vinayaka Mission University 2008
  • PhD, VTU, Belgaum 2018


  • Asst.Prof, PES University, 2007-till date
  • Lecturer, Kaveri Polytechnic, 1999-2007

Additional Information

  • Teaching Experience- 21 years
  • Research Experience- 7 years
  • Applied science
  • Applied math's
  • Engineering Physics
  • Teaching
  • Website-Coordinator
  • Faculty advisor
  • Science fest Coordinator
  • Prakalpa Coordinator
  • Section -in charge
  • Alumni- Coordinator
  • Guide for research scholars
  • Website-Coordinator
  • Alumni- Coordinator
  • Section -in charge
  • Faculty advisor
  • Test-coordinator
  • Guide for research scholars

Research Interest

  • Non-conventional Energy conversion and storage devices
  • Polymer Nano- composites

Research Projects (Current)

  • Lithium-rich layered positive electrode materials for Lithium ion battery applications" funded by PES University

Research Guidance

  • Guiding two research scholars


  • Workshop on "Research Methodology & Latex": Organized by VTU e-Learning centre, Mysore, from 18th to 20th March 2015.
  • 4. Sunitha V. R. and S. Radhakrishnan "Field dependent conduction in polymer nanocomposite electrolyte systems" Third international conference on Natural Polymers, Biopolymers, Bio-Materials, their Composites, Blends, IPN's, Polyelectrolytes and gels : Macro to Nano, October 26-28, 2012 at Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, M.G University ,Kottayam ,Kerala, India
  • 3. Sunitha V. R. and S. Radhakrishnan "Effect of ferroelectric fillers on the ionic conduction of nano composite polymer electrolyte systems" National conference on Advances in Naval Materials (ADNAM-2013), February 22- 23, 2013 at National Institute of Ocean Technology Chennai, Organized by Materials Panel, Naval Research Board, India
  • 2. Shwetank Pandey, Neel Kachhawah, Poornima T, Sunitha V. R, Radhakrishnan S, (2015), " Studies on corrosion behavior of copper alloys in acid medium ". UGC sponsored state level seminar on electrochemical concepts: materials for energy storage and sensing ECMESS-2015
  • 1. Sunitha V R*, S Radhakrishnan , Suraj Kumar Kabbur, N Sandesh Kumar and Pavan G S," Gamma radiation effects on ionic conductivity of PEO based nano composite polymer electrolyte system" International conference on Surface Engineering (INCOSURF 2018) organized by Electrochemical society of India & Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, IISc Bangalore , 9th to 11th August 2018.


  • 5. Sunitha V. R. and S. Radhakrishnan , "Gamma irradiation effects on conductivity and dielectric behavior of PEO-based nano-composite polymer electrolyte systems", Springer-Polymer Bulletin , DOI-, pp 655-670 (2020)
  • 4. Sunitha V.R, Suraj Kumar, G. S. Pavan, N. Sandesh, M. R. Suhas, C. Lalithnarayan, N. Laxman & S. Radhakrishnan "Lithium ion conduction in PVA-based polymer electrolyte system modified with combination of nanofillers" Springer-Ionics, DOI-, pp 823-829(2020)
  • 3. Sunitha V. R. and S. Radhakrishnan, "Impedance and dielectric studies of nanocomposite polymer electrolyte systems using MMT and ferroelectric fillers," Springer-Ionics (DOI 10.1007/s11581-016-1784-0), pp 2437-2446(2016)
  • 2. Sunitha V. R. and S. Radhakrishnan, "Mathematical modeling of field assisted Li ion conduction in nanocomposite solid polymer electrolyte systems," Springer-Ionics (DOI 10.1007/s11581-016-1775-1) pp. 2431-2436(2016)
  • 1. Sunitha V. R. and S. Radhakrishnan, "Field enhanced Li ion conduction in nanoferroelectric modified polymer electrolyte systems," Springer Ionics, vol. 3, pp. 949-954 (2015).


  • Work shop on Emerging Trends in Green Technologies held at PES University, Bangalore on 5th July 2018 to 07th July 2018.
  • Faculty Development Programme titled "Taxonomy in Education" held at PES University, Bangalore on 6th June 2018.
  • Workshop on Advances in Lithium ion Battery materials: held at PES University, Bangalore on December -2015
  • UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar on Electrochemical Concepts : Materials for Energy and Storage and Sensing held at St. Josephs College, Bangalore on 13th February 2015
  • International Conference on Luminescence and its Applications (ICLA 2015) held at PES University, Bangalore, Karnataka on 09th February to 12th February 2015.
  • National conference of luminescence and its applications: held at PES University Bangalore, on January 2013.