Rahul Bhaumik

Assistant Professor
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A designer and architect by training, Rahul is interested in the domain of Design methodologies and has worked for inculcating design thinking amongst school students and other enthusiasts. His areas of interest and expertise also lies in the fields of computation in design, parametric design/ architecture, and sustainability in design.


  • Master of Design in Product Design & Engineering, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, IISc Bangalore, 2018

  • Bachelor of Architecture, School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, 2015


  • Design Trainee, Light Masons Design, New Delhi, Sep 2014 - Jan 2015

  • Project Assistant, SID, IISc Bangalore, April 2017 - July 2017


  • IEEE HAC Funding for GHTC conference 2019


  • Program End Design Project (Thesis)

  • Game Design I and II

  • Designing Interactive Customer Experiences and Virtual Reality

  • Interaction Design Project Studio - II, III

  • Product Design Project Studio - II, III

  • Ergonomics (Jan-May 2020)

  • Basic Computing & Design (2018, 2019)


  • B.Design Thesis Coordinator

  • Research Coordinator at department level

Research Interest

  • Design Thinking & pedagogy

  • Human Computer Interaction

  • AI/ ML in Design

  • Sustainable Architecture and Design

Research Projects

  • Exploration of VR as a design tool

  • Sustainability assessment of indigenous settlements at Ooty

  • Biomedical device design for breathing sound analysis

Research Guidance

  • Guided Deepika G., Pramoddini W. (B.Des 2016-2020) on 'Maternal Healthcare Project'


  • IISC DBox: A Game for Children to Learn Design Thinking Apoorv Naresh Bhatt, Rahul Bhaumik, Kumari Moothedath Chandran, Amaresh Chakrabarti International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference

  • "A gamified model of design thinking for fostering learning in children", R Bhaumik, A Bhatt, MC Kumari, SR Menon, A Chakrabarti, Research into Design for a Connected World, 1023-1036

  • "Web-cam based gaze controlled interface for users with severe speech and motor impairment" Ayush Agarwal, DV JeevithaShree, Kamalpreet Singh Saluja, Atul Sahay, Pullikonda Mounika, Anshuman Sahu, Rahul Bhaumik, Vinodh Kumar Rajendran, Pradipta Biswas, Research into Design for a Connected World, 641-652

  • "A Pandemic-specific 'Emergency Essentials Kit' for Children in the Migrant BoP communities", A Chakrapani, T Kumar, S Shivakumar, R Bhaumik, K Bhalla, S Prajapati, 2020 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), 1-8

  • "Design and development of a smartphone-based application to save lives during accidents and emergencies", GL KV, U Sait, T Kumar, R Bhaumik, S Shivakumar, K Bhalla, Procedia Computer Science 167, 2267-2275

  • "Design and development of an assistive device for the visually impaired", U Sait, V Ravishankar, T Kumar, R Bhaumik, GL KV, K Bhalla, KS Sanjay, Procedia Computer Science 167, 2244-2252

  • "A framework outlining a daylight responsive model for smart buildings", U Sait, GL KV, T Kumar, R Bhaumik, K Bhalla, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1343 (1), 012166

  • "Design of a Maternal Healthcare Monitoring Device for Pregnant Women" D Gopalakrishnan, P Warale, R Bhaumik, 8th International Conference on Research into Design (ICoRD 2021) 3, pp 495-509

  • "An AI-Based Pedagogical Tool for Creating Sketched Representation of Emotive Product Forms in the Conceptual Design Stages", SP Prajapati, R Bhaumik, T Kumar, U Sait, ICT Systems and Sustainability, 649-659

  • "An Inclusive Community Based Water Purification and Monitoring System for the Base of the Pyramid", R Bhaumik, SP Prajapati, T Kumar, V Mishra, K Bhalla, 2019 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC)


  • "A deep-learning based multimodal system for Covid-19 diagnosis using breathing sounds and chest X-ray images" Unais Sait, Gokul Lal K.V., Sanjana Shivakumar, Tarun Kumar, Rahul Bhaumik, Sunny Prajapati, Kriti Bhalla, Anaghaa Chakrapani Applied Soft Computing, 2021

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