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Prof. Rajasekar has been an Associate Professor at PES University Bangalore since '2014. His research interests include wireless communications, healthcare systems and embedded systems. He manages the Microsoft Innovation Lab at the PES University. It is a research lab for the students of PES University where students develop innovative projects during Summer Internships. The 11th edition of this internship was concluded in Jun-Aug 2022. He handholds student projects in several domains viz. Robotics, IoT, Machine Learning, Sensor Networks and Virtual Reality. Prof. Rajasekar is also the Nokia Faculty Champion for PES University. He collaborates with Nokia for various technology projects for students in Communication and activities of interest to both academia and the industry. He is the coordinator for e-Yantra competitions conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay for PESU. He is also the coordinator for various University Collaboration activities organized by ITU at PESU. As a part of the Microsoft Innovation Lab and Dept of ECE, several 24-hr hackathons are conducted successfully in the campus.


  • B.E.(Electrical & Electronics Engineering), College of Engineering, Guindy - Anna University Chennai, 1987

  • M.TECH (Computer Science & Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 1997

  • MBA (International Business), Annamalai University Chidambaram, 2007

  • Certificate course on Intellectual Property Rights, IGNOU New Delhi, 2007

  • Certificate course (4 weeks) on Satellite Communication Systems (C-band) MCPC /SCPC, BEL Ghaziabad, 2003

  • Certificate course on Millimeter wave systems (2 weeks), Institute of Radio Astrophysics, University of Calcutta, Kolkota, 2002


  • Associate Professor, PES University, 2014 - till date

  • Joint Director (Communications), Air Headquarters, Indian Air Force, New Delhi, 2002 - 2006

  • Head of Faculty (Information Technology), Air Force Technical College, Bangalore, 2008 - 2011

  • General Manager (Projects), SiS Ltd, Ahmedabad, 2011 - 2012

  • Project Manager (Technology Projects), Electronia / Fluor / Ma'Aden Aluminium Co. Ltd, Ras-Al-Khair, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2013 - 2014

Additional Information

  • Served in many technology roles at different levels on Communications Systems, Network Operations Centers, ICT systems in the Indian Air Force for 24 years. National Head, Projects, AVP for system integration projects involving ICT systems across India . - Program Manager, Technology Projects at Ma'Aden / Fluor International at Ras-Al-Khair, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. - Product Development Executive at HCL, New Delhi. -


  • Conducted the 10th edition of 24-hr hackathon Hashcode-2021 during Feb 2022

  • Organized successfully the third edition of HackeZee-2022 - a hardware design contest at Dept of ECE on 19 Oct 2022. Glimpes :

  • The PES Innovation Lab (formerly called the Microsoft Innovation Lab) successfully conducted the 10th edition of the 8-week summer internship (13 Jun 22 ? 06 Aug 22)

  • A team of six students from PES University was selected to undertake a real-life factory environment project for Nokia Networks Chennai, organized by Nokia-Bell Labs, Murray Hills, NJ, USA in the domain of robotics and automation. The project is entitled ?Auto-Generation of 2D Map for mobile robot? using Turtlebot 3. The team collaborates with M.S./PhD students from US Universities (on Internship

  • Successfully conducted the 11th edition of 24-hr hackathon, the flagship event of the PES Innovation Lab, called Hashcode 11.0_. It was held at the PESU52 in the Golden Jubilee Building at PES RR Campus between 25 mar 2023 and 26 Mar 2023. The major sponsors are Nokia, Cisco, BuidLNation and Wolfram Langauage. Over 200 participants from PES and other Insitutions participated in the 24-hr hacka


  • Communication Engineering

  • Signals & Systems

  • Network Analysis & Synthesis

  • Basic Electronics

  • Computer Networks

  • Advanced Computer Architecture

  • Wireless Communications

  • Hands-on course Intel Galileo

  • Wireless Communications Laboratory

  • Advanced Wireless Communications

  • Wireless Networking Fundamentals

  • Engineering Management


  • Associate Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Coordinator, eYantra, IIT Bombay

  • Head, Microsoft Innovation Lab, PES University

  • Faculty Champion - Nokia, Nokia Technology Centre

  • Faculty Advisor - VIII Sem students

  • Chief Projects Coordinator - Capstone Projects

Research Interest

  • Machine Learning for throughput prediction in IEEE 802.11 very high and extreme high WLANs

  • Graph Neural Networks / Graph Convolutional Networks / Graph Attention networks

Research Guidance

  • Wireless Systems


  • IOT BASED SMART VILLAGE, Rajasekar M, Jayashree Asha Manami, Harshitha presented in 2018 IEEE Region 10 Conference during October 2018 at Jeju Island, South Korea

  • A Faster R-CNN Implementation Of Presence Inspection For Parts On Industrial Produce Rajasekar Mohan, Digvijaygiri and Devashish PES University presented in Emerging Trends in Industry 4.0 during 19 - 21, May 2021 at Raigarh, India

  • Extreme Gradient Boosting Classification of Motor Imagery Using Common Spatial Patterns Malaika Vijay, Amith Kashyap, Aushim Nagarkatti, Shruti Mohanty, Rajasekar Mohan and Niranjana Krupa INDICON2020 11- 13 December 2020 NSUT, Delhi. India (Virtual) IEEE

  • A Novel Approach to Classify Cardiac Arrhythmia Using Different Machine Learning Techniques "Rajasekar Mohan, Parag Jain, Arjun,Sahana Mohandoss, Nidhin Anisham, Shivakumar Gadade Srinivas A PES University" ICICC-2020 21-23 Feb 2020 New Delhi IEEEXPLORE IEEE

  • Heart Rate Monitoring System "Rajasekar Mohan, R. Ramapriya, Sneha N Baliga, Parag Jain, Akarsh N. Kolekar and Srinivas A PES University" 6th International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems 20-21 Feb 2021 Chennai IEEEXPLORE IEEE IoT-based Smart Medicine Kit "Rajasekar Mohan, Pranathi, Abhijna and Shivani PES University" "International Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication

  • Development & Simulation of a Novel Approach for Dynamic Workload Allocation Between Fog & Cloud Servers "Rajasekar Mohan, Animesh Kumar Tiwari, Anurag Dutta and Ashutosh Tewari PES University" MosiCom-2020 26 Jan -01 Feb 2020 BITS Pilani, Dubai,UAE IEEEXPLORE IEEE

  • Air Quality Forecasting using LSTM RNN and Wireless Sensor Networks "Rajasekar Mohan, Belavadi, Sagar V, Rajagopal Sreenidhi and Ranjani Ram PES University" The 11th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT) April 6 - 9, 2020 Warsaw, Poland "Procedia Computer Science}, volume 170, pages 241--248, 2020, Elsevier

  • Solving Inverse Kinematics using Geometric Analysis for Gait Generation in Small-Sized Humanoid Robots "Rajasekar Mohan, K. S. Prasanna Venkatesan and P. R. Mahendrakar PES University" IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII)-2020 Hawaii, USA IEEE Xplore IEEE 2474-2325

  • Smart Industrial Supply Chain Management and Prediction System",Rajasekar M.Mridula Singhal, Shruthi Hegde presented in 2nd International Conference -2019-Women Institute of Technology Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (WITCON) 22-23 Nov 2019 Dehradun, India

  • An Approach to Labeled Indoor Mapping using SLAM and Object Detection, Rajasekar M, Manoj Surya, Tarun Bhargava,presented in IEEE TENSYMP 2019 during 7-9 Jun 2019 at Kolkata, India

  • A novel low-cost helmet design and implementation for drowsiness and fall detection of workers on-site using EEG and Random-Forest Classifier", Rajasekar Mohan, Amith Kashyap, Sameer Raju Dhole, Animesh Narayan Dangwal presented in Industrial Applications of Internet of Things (IAIoT-2019) conference held during 29 Apr - 02 May 2019 at Leuven, Belgium

  • IoT Green Corridor, Rajasekar M., R Ramapriya, Pallavi MP, Goutham AP, Anusha Kamath, A Srinivas, presented in Industrial Applications of Internet of Things (IAIoT-2019) held during 29 Apr - 02 May 2019 at Leuven, Belgium

  • Development of a secure framework for an unified authentication mechanism using elliptic curve cryptography, M Rajasekar,Ayush Ambastha, Anirudh Srivathsan,Sunil I Doddamani PES University presented in National conference on Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 22-23 Apr 2019 Bangalore, India

  • Performing SLAM using Low-Cost Sensors for Autonomous Navigation in household environments, Rajasekar M. Prasanna Venkatesan, Pavithra, PES University presented in 5th International Conference for Convergence in Technology, Pune held during 29-31 Mar 2019 Pune, India

  • Sampling Clock Offset Estimation and Correction in Frequency Domain for OFDM Receivers- Region 10 Conference (TENCON), 2017 IEEE, 5-8 Nov 2017, Malaysia

  • "A Cloud Based Technology Solution For Geo-Spatial Mapping Of Diseases Among Children For Strategic Health-care Planning In Rural India - International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) symposium, 01 Jul 2017, Hyderabad, India"

  • Implementation of a wearable cardiorespiratory monitoring device, Region 10 Conference (TENCON), 2016 IEEE,22-25 Nov. 2016, Singapore.

  • Remote Surveillance and Smart Stock Monitoring Robot using Internet of Things, National Conference on Product Design, 2017, 01-01 Jul 2016, Bangalore

  • Rajasekar Mohan, K Venkat Ramnan, Manikandan J "Predicting The Throughput Of Next Generation IEEE 802.11 WLANs In Dense Deployments " The 17th International Conference on Future Networks and Communications (FNC) August 9-11, 2022, Niagara Falls, Canada - Scopus Indexed

  • Rajasekar Mohan, Divya C V, Drishya B, Pavan Naik,� Throughput Analysis of Dense-Deployed WLANs Using Machine Learning� International Conference on Advances in Electronics, Communication, Computing and intelligent information systems (ICAECIS-2023) - Scopus-Indexed

  • Detection and Isolation of Malicious Nodes in Vehicular Networks Using Trust Aggregators, "Atul Rautray, Dheeraj Sudarshan, Avnish Aryan Jha, Josh Maitra, Rajasekar Mohan" ViTeCon-2023,5-6 may 2023, VIT-Vellore (Scopus-Indexed)

  • Prediction of Throughput of EXT WLANs through Machine Learning, "Rajasekar Mohan ; Abhinav Reddy Bendrapu ; Andreswar Reddy Boru ; Kartikey Mishra ; Venkata Vasishta Burra" IEEE ICONAT 2022, held at Goa, India (Virtual)- Scopus Indexed


  • Heart Rate Monitoring System "Rajasekar Mohan, R. Ramapriya, Sneha N Baliga, Parag Jain, Akarsh N. Kolekar and Srinivas A PES University" International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 29 1 May 2005-4238

  • Rajasekar Mohan K Venkat Ramnan J Manikandan "Machine Learning approaches for predicting Throughput of Very High and EXtreme High Throughput WLANs in dense deployments" THE 12th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING,COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES(ICCCNT) July 6 - 8, 2021, IIT Kharagpur (Online Conference)

  • Francesc Wilhelmi, Rajasekar Mohan, K Venkat Ramnan et al, " MACHINE LEARNING FOR PERFORMANCE PREDICTION OF CHANNEL BONDING IN NEXT‑GENERATION IEEE 802.11 WLANS " ITU Journal on Future and Evolving Technologies, Volume 2 (2021), Issue 4, 5 August 2021"

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