Electronics & Communications

Dr. Ashwini

Associate Professor

Ashwini holds a bachelor degree in Electrical and electronics engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. She has done M.Tech in Digital Electronics and Communication, Ph. D. in the area of Music signal processing. She has been serving the Electronics and Communication dept. since 2007. She was working at Southwest Tennessee College, Tennessee, USA.during 2003-2005. She has worked in NITK, Surathkal during the period 2000-2002. She has carried out projects mainly in music signal processing as well as in multimedia communications, VLSI, fault analysis, and also guided various projects in these areas.


  • B.E
  • M.Tech.
  • Ph. D.

Additional Information

  • Apart from the regular academics she is also a Veena player, recording artist and vocalist by passion winning several accolades for her pure rendition of classical and fusion music. During her long stint in the US, she has worked along with her musician husband, towards setting up their own music studio bringing out several CD's. She has also served as Cultural Secretary of the "Taranga Kannada Sangha of Memphis". She is one of the leading Veena players of the Indian classical fusion band, "Svaramrita".,


  • UG subjects:- Basic Electrical Engg., Field theory, LIC, Basic Electronics Engg.,DSP,Signals and systems,Audio technology, etc
  • PG subjects:- CMOS VLSI, Modern Power Electronics, etc
  • She has handled various responsibilities of the department like Incharge for Process, Web upload, News letter, Faculty advisor, Class teacher, NBA team, IQAC.

Research Interest

  • As an Electonics Engineer as well as musician her interest is mainly music signal processing.
  • Currently she is working in the area of music signal processing.


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