Dr. Santhameena S

Associate Professor
  • Teaching


Working on WSN.


  • Ph.D, PES University, 2022


  • Associate Professor, PES University, 2007 - Till date


  • Handled various subjects like Embedded System Design, Linear Integrated Circuits, Digital design using HDL, Microprocessor & Microcontrollers (8086,8085,8051,ARM9,PIC), Introduction to cryptography, Digital system design using VHDL, Advanced Embedded System, Computer organization, Computer Architecture, Operating system, RTOS.


  • Handled various Departmental activities like Class coordinator, Lab in-charge, Process coordinator, Exam coordinator.

Research Interest

  • Interested in Embedded system, Wireless sensor networks.


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  • Santhameena, S., and J. Manikandan. "Group acknowledgement mechanism for beacon-enabled wireless sensor networks." Computer Communications 187 (2022): 93-102.

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