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Dr. Suresh Nagesh is a Chair Professor in Computational Mechanics, with CORI (Crucible of Research and Innovation) a center for interdisciplinary exploration. Dr. Suresh is a veteran with the automotive and aerospace industry for over 22 years. Dr. Suresh an IIT Kanpur Alumni, has a Ph.D from Drexel University, Philadelphia, US and worked under Professor A S D Wang, a world's authority in the field of composites, delamination, fracture and finite element applications to composites. In particular, Dr. Suresh's Ph.D student was a Boeing sponsored NASA project called ATCAS (Advanced Technology Composite Aircraft Structures). Later Dr. Suresh worked in USA with Ford R&d, DaimlerChrysler Research and Development, came back to India as a part of GE R&D, lead and built the entire advanced engineering team for DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology India, was responsible for GM R&D India and most recently was the Managing Director at Voith and helped start and build the Votih Engineering Services to serve Airbus activities for Voith across the globe from India.


  • M tech, IIT-Kanpur, 1987

  • Ph.D, Drexel University, Philadelphia

Additional Information

  • PATENTS : 1. Vehicle Body Structure, USP # 6,206,458, Mar 27th 2001

  • 2. Light Weight Automotive Body Structure, USP # 6,666,501, Dec 23rd 2003

  • 3. Full offset two-piece fiber reinforced composite wheel using spoke or web area box-sections, USP # 6,726,292, April 27th 2004

  • 4. Composite Spring Design that also performs the lower control arm function for a conventional or active suspension system, 6,811,169, November 2nd 2004


  • Dr. Suresh has 7 US patents. One of the patents got the Walter P Chrysler award, a distinguished award given by Chrysler Corporation for the best two patents of that year. Dr. Suresh is recipient of the GE Corporate Technology award, Star leadership award by DCRTI and many others. One chapter in 12 elements for great management, a book by a well known HR organization Gallop, is written on Dr. Sur


  • Finite Element Method

  • Noise Vibration and Harshness

  • Fracture Mechanics

  • Computational Mechanics

  • Finite Element Vibration Analysis


  • Head - Centre for Automobile Research & Engineering

Research Interest

  • Finite Element Vibration Analysis

  • Finite Element Methods

  • Fracture Mechanics


  • Trends in the use of light weight materials in next generation vehicles, Suresh Nagesh, 16th National Symposium of materials research society of India, Feb 2005, Pune, India

  • A methodology for simulation of distortion of large gears during quenching including creep, Praveen Gadgakar, Suresh Nagesh, National conference on thrust areas in engineering, Feb 2012, Global Academy of Technology

  • Analysis of contact stresses in mucosa and jaw due to load on SDS implants, IEEE-CAESC-14, Mar 2014

  • Understanding the influence of parameters affecting the flow field around a rotor blade during a hover flight using CFD, Shreyas S Hegde, Suresh Nagesh, , Ansys worldwide convergence conference, June 2015

  • Simulation of Hemodynamics Pheonomenon Using Computational Fluid Dymanics For Enhanced Diagnostics and Prognosis, Shreyas S Hegde, Suressh Nagesh, Anindya Deb, AMS 2015, IEEE 9th international conference on mathematical modeling and analysis, Malyasia, Sep 2015

  • Shobha E. S., Dr. H. P. Raghuveer, Dr. Suresh Nagesh, Mr. Vinay K. S, Analysis 0f stress and strain energy fields in craniofacial fractures, IEEE International Conference, Thailand, 2016

  • Shobha E. S., Dr. H. P. Raghuveer, Dr. Suresh Nagesh, Mr. Vinay K. S., Dr. Dilip Kumar R., Dr. Prashanth N. 10 T., Dr. Vinod Rangan. Computational Biomechanics In Craniofacial Fractures, 13th International Conference INDICON 2016, subsequently published in IEEE Explore

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  • Sunil Bhat, Suresh Nagesh, C.K. Umesh and S. Narayanan, A Theoretical Model for Estimation of Yield Strength of Fiber Metal Laminate, ICAMT,2016

  • Sivakumar D, Dr Suresh Nagesh and Dr. K N Seetharamu, Review of Thermal, Turbulent and Misalignment effects on Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings International Conference on Theoretical, Applied and Experimental Mechanics (Springer Publishing House),2017

  • Sivakumar,Suresh Nagesh, Study of Static Performance Characteristics of Offset-Pressure dam Bearing Considering Turbulent and Adiabatic Thermal Effects, NSRD 2019

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  • Nagesh, Sanket H, Kishore MN, Noise and Vibration Analysis of a Flux Switching Motor (FSM) with Segmental Rotor, Suresh ICTAEM 2019: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Theoretical, Applied and Experimental Mechanics pp 142-147. Also published in Springer Journal/book : Part of the Structural Integrity book series (STIN, volume 8):

  • Patil, Hrushikesh,MN Kishore,Patil,Sharanbassappa,Nagesh, Suresh, Estimation of Tire Cornering Properties using, experimental Modal Parameters, GPS data and Finite Element Model, IMECE,ASME,Utah, Nov 2019

  • Suresh Nagesh, Patil S S, Kishore M N, Hrushikesh P, Life Prediction model for composite leaf springs, 8th International reality conference, BetaCAE, May2019, Munich, Germany

  • Shivakumar U, Suresh Nagesh, Venkateswaran P, Fatigue Failure Analysis of a GENERIC implant: A Finite Element Approach, BetaCAE, May2019, Munich, Germany

  • Dakshinamurthi S., Nagesh S. (2021) Study of Static Performance Characteristics of Offset-Pressure Dam Bearing Considering Turbulent and Adiabatic Thermal Effects. In: Rao J.S., Arun Kumar V., Jana S. (eds) Proceedings of the 6th National Symposium on Rotor Dynamics. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Singapore "Additional Calibration of the Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope on board

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  • A K-Based Criteria for Matrix-Crack Initiation in Fiber-Reinforced Composites, K.Thogo, T.W. Chou, N.Suresh, A.S.D. Wang, J of Composite Materials, Vol. 27, 1993, pp.1054-76.

  • Stress and Energy Based Conditions for Fiber-Wise Splitting in Composites, N.Suresh and A.S.D. Wang ASTM-STP special technical publication, vol. 1230, pp 176, 1995

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  • Sivakumar D., Nagesh, S. "Optimum Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Performance Characteristics in High-Speed and High-Power Gearboxes". J. Inst. Eng. India (2020).

  • Nagabhushan, Suresh Nagesh,"Prototype Segmented Mirror Telescope: A Pathfinder of India's Large Optical-NIR Telescope Project" , SPIE-2018 (AS18-AS103-166)

  • Nagabhushan, Suresh Nagesh,"Effect of UV Photo-Polymerization on Contaminated Optical Surfaces" ,ICAOP 2017 (International Conference on Advances in Optics and Photonics)

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  • Nagabhushan, Suresh Nagesh, " Experimental validation of a novel concept to reduce optical surface wave front errors by using deformable bushes at opto-mechanical interfaces". 2021, accepted by Journal Of Astronautical Instrumentation

  • Nagabhushan, Suresh Nagesh, " Experimental validation of a novel concept to reduce optical surface wave front errors by using deformable bushes at opto-mechanical interfaces". 2021, accepted by Journal Of Astronautical Instrumentation

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