Computer Science
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Preethi P

Assistant Professor

*IAmAnEngineer*: I've always wanted to find solutions to problems that were really going to help society, like reading historical artifacts, #Inscriptions#Historical Document Restoration#Automation of Epigraphy. My Area of Interest Include #Projects based on Regional Language, Cultural and Historical Artifacts using Recent trends like # Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


  • MTech, R.V.C.E, Bangalore 2013
  • Data Structures with C and its Applications
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Unix Shell Scripting
  • Operating Systems
  • Minor Coordinator
  • Elective Coordinator

Research Interest

  • Deciphering Epigraphical Inscriptions of Karnataka
  • Brahmi Character Recognition

Research Projects (Current)

  • Kannada Search Engine Design and Development


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