Deepika Raina

Associate Professor
  • Teaching


Academician and Researcher with deep interest in understanding the effect of societal strains on the overall development of an area and the culture associated with it. With an academic experience of more than 6 years, have an interest in teaching Design, construction, Landscape Architecture.


  • M.Arch, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, 2013-2015

  • B.Arch, DCRUST, Murthal, 2007-2012


  • Basic Design 1

  • Building Construction Technology & Materials 1

  • Elective-VI: Architecture Design With Glass

  • Architectural Design Project

Research Interest

  • Conflict & Architecture

  • Critical Landscapes

  • Society and Culture

  • Post Conflict Architecture


  • Deepika Raina, Parul Singh (2016), Effect of design of Public Open Spaces on the Perception of Safety of Women, Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology, p-ISSN 2349-8404, e-ISSN 2349-879X; Volume 3, Issue 2; January-March 2016, pp. 152-155

  • Deepika Raina (2016), Impact of Outdoor Physical activity on Social behavior and health of Women, International Conference on Public Health: Issues, challenges, opportunities, prevention, awareness (Public Health: 2016) ISBN-978-93-85822-10-0, pp. 55-58

  • Parul Singh, Deepika Raina (2016), Smart Education: Blended Learning in School of Architecture Teaching Module, LEAP'16 Linking Education Architecture & Praxis International Conference.

  • Deepika Raina (2016), NATURAL CATASTROPHE: Case of Jammu & Kashmir Floods AGORA: International Conference on Disaster and Risk Management ISBN-978-93-86256-12-6, pp. 32-36

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