Ar. Saranya DivaKaran

Assistant Professor
  • Teaching


Academician with a strong passion for teaching and mentoring students in developing their technical knowledge with insights into the field of Design. Areas of expertise are holistic experimental sustainable design approaches , Building Material and construction, Green building rating system and energy efficiency, Climate responsive architecture, climate change and sustainable development.


  • M.Arch (Sustainable Architecture), Central University of Rajasthan, 305817, 2018-2020

  • B arch (Architecture), TKM College of Engineering, Kollam,Kerala, 691005, 2012-2017


  • UA19BA362E (Green Building Rating System)

  • UA20BA252 ( Building Construction Technology & Materials IV )

  • UA20BA254 (Climate Responsive Architecture)

  • UA19BA354 ( Working Drawing)

  • UA17BA551 (Architectural Design Project)

  • UA17BA554 (Seminar/Activities IX)

Research Interest

  • Sustainability

  • Climate change

  • Energy efficiency

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