Nayana N

Assistant Professor
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  • MBA

  • Ph.D


  • 9years


  • PAPERS PRESENTED AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL CONFERENCES 1. Presented paper on �Performance Analysis of Regional Rural Banks: With Reference to Kaveri Grameena Bank of Karnataka�, 2nd International Conference, Inclusive Economic Growth and Sustainable development, "Inclusion Economic Growth and Sustainable Development", Nov-2016 2. Presented paper on �International Conference on Emerging Globa


  • PUBLICATIONS AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL: 1. Ms.Nayana N(2016), Paper entitled on -Emerging Trends in Commodity Derivative in ICMEE, Pune, 2012, Vol II, Issue 4(1) ISSN:2249-7463 2. Ms.Nayana N(2016), Paper entitled Published on -A Study On Derivative Trading In Futures And Options Contracts at Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, Mysore, Shodhaditya Research Journal, AIMSR, ISSN-2347-8403, V

  • UGC CARE JOURNALS 1. Published Paper on ?Choosing E-wallets is compatible in ADALYA JOURNAL AN UGC CARE APPROVED GROUP-A JOURNAL, ISSN:1301-2746, VOL 8, ISSUE 10, OCT 2019 2. Published Paper on ?A study on Online Shopping with reference to Flipkart and Snapdeal in ADALYA JOURNAL AN UGC CARE APPROVED GROUP-A JOURNAL, ISSN NO: 1301-2746, Volume 8, Issue 11, November 2019, 18th OCT 2019 3.


  • WEBINAR SERIES 1. Participated Webinar on 'Crafting the Post-Covid Bounce Back' in National level Webinar series "Manthan" held on 23rd May 2020 conducted in Jain CMS B-School. 2. Participated Webinar on 'Pardigm Shift in Research and Development� in International Webinar held on 1st June to 6th June 2020 conducted in SJBIT. 3. Participated Webinar on �Data Analysis and Interpretation using S

  • MEMBER AS REVIEWER 1. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH AND ANALYTICAAL REVIEWS, e- ISSN:2348-1269, P-ISSN:2349-5138 & UGC No:43602, Impact Factor 5.75 An International open Access Journal. Member since Dec 2018. 2. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CREATIVE RESEARCH THOUGHTS, IJCRT, ISSN: 2320-2882, Impact Factor: 5.97, Member since Dec 2018.

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